Shelley Has Opinions

A Chatfield Sisters Podcast



We are the daughters of Paul and Joelle Chatfield. This is our story.


Holly Chatfield Flanagan

The oldest of the sisters, Holly lives in Bountiful, Utah with her husband Caleb and their children Jack and Lucy. She's written 2 and a half books, watched "From Justin to Kelly" over 50 times, and didn't make the ensemble for the local production of "The Addams Family."


Shelley Chatfield Allison

Shelley is the world traveler of the sisters—she's lived in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Sydney, Australia over the last four years. She now resides in Utah, thanks to a prank by Holly. Her husband Rick and her son Jett are both taller than her, but they don't match her skills in sorcery. Shelley makes the best spaghetti.


Julie chatfield Miller

When Julie is in Virginia, she is home, probably. She is married to Corbin, and they have three little children/gems. She could be a champion whistler, if she really put her mind to it. Every person who meets Julie wonders if she really IS an angel.


Carlie Chatfield

Carlie is a part of the Arizona Chatfield sisters contingent, living and working in Mesa. She has the most cosplay skills and the best and bluest eyes. She worked in New Orleans Square at Disneyland, making sure that dead men tell no tales in Pirates of the Caribbean.


Kellie Chatfield Whitcomb

The youngest of all, Kellie will not be denied. She has a tall husband named Tyler and two dogs whose names are under investigation. She lives in the continental United States, so stop on by. Kellie is going to school for Public Health, which is helpful to those who might find themselves in public.