Shelley Has Opinions

A Chatfield Sisters Podcast


Fact Sheet & Details

We are a podcast of four outgoing sisters and one shy sister—every week we discuss the pros and cons of a silly topic, and we make our shy sister Shelley give a verdict (no wishy-washy opinions allowed).

The Chatfield Girls have been sisters ever since they've been born. In April 2017, the oldest sister Holly was telling their mom Joelle about what a podcast was. Joelle suggested that the sisters start a podcast called "Shelley Has Opinions," since the second sister Shelley was finally starting to come out of her shell in her thirties. Turns out, the joke was on everyone because they actually started it in June 2017,

The listeners will never leave an episode without hearing Shelley's opinions on things like haunted houses, roller rinks, and the best girl power movie. That's a Chatfield Sisters guarantee.

Released every Tuesday on Google Play, Apple Podcasts, and Podbean.

Produced by Holly Flanagan, Shelley Allison, Julie Miller, Carlie Chatfield, and Kellie Whitcomb; Edited by Holly Flanagan; Theme music by Scott Holmes; Jingle music by Holly Flanagan, Julie Miller, and Corbin Miller. Art by Julie Miller.



The five Chatfield sisters are the hosts of this heartwarming comedy podcast. Click the button below to get in-depth biographies on each delightful girlo.


What People are saying

“During the podcast the sisters share stories about their childhood in Redlands, from their love of El Burrito to Market Night and the Redlands Bowl. ‘Shelley has been loving it,’ Kellie Whitcomb said. ‘We thought she was going to have a harder time with this, but whenever we get together we all open up.’ While the sisters may live in different parts of the world, the podcast brings them back together.”—The Redlands Daily Facts

“The Chatfield Sisters continue to release wonderful, light-hearted, and family-friendly episodes. It's always so fun listening to siblings talk back and forth and the Chatfield sisters do an excellent job of including the listener.” — Jordan Reed, Spooky Spouses podcast

“I love listening to these sisters chat. They have such a fun relationship and it’s heartwarming to hear them tease each other and joke around. ❤️ Shelley Gang .” — Liz Havertine, Liz and Alissa Make Stuff podcast

“The sweet side of funny. Fuzzy Heartwarms!” — Toddy Tondera, Thrifty podcast