Shelley Has Opinions

A Chatfield Sisters Podcast

Shelley Has Opinions Episode 81: People Watching

Holly: Hello, and welcome to “Shelley Has Opinions,” the hit new podcast where the Chatfield girls try and guess their sister Shelley's opinion on a variety of topics. My name is Holly Chatfield Flanagan, and with me is….

Shelley: Shelley Chatfield Allison.

Holly: And we also have….

Julie: Julie Chatfield Miller.

Holly: And finally, our sister expert for today is….

Kellie: Kellie Chatfield Whitcomb.

Holly: Hey guys, it's me, Holly, and I just came from the land of our birth….

Shelley: Our native land!

Holly: ...our native land, Redlands, California for spring break. My family and I went there, and we had a great time. And, we also not only went to Chatfield HQ, we also went to Disneyland!